Hunting Games

If you have ever played hunting games on your PC or console you will know how much fun they can be. But hunting games are not just for kids. Many hunting games are highly realistic and may actually improve your real hunting skills.

Many hunters have to sit it out once the hunting season ends but playing hunting games can fill the gap and provide some entertainment during this time.

Free Hunting Games

There are many free hunting games available and some of these you can play online with nothing more than your favorite web browser. Many of the online hunting games will need the Flash plugin installed, but this is available to download for free.

Free online hunting games come in many different forms. Some are fairly simple and aimed at younger hunters but others are quite sophisticated and aimed at the professional hunter.

Featured Hunting Game - Turkey Shooting

Shoot as many turkeys as you can. Use the mouse to direct your dart arrow and left click to shoot. Use the left click to set the range of the shot.

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Deer Hunting Games

Popular hunting games will often focus on one hunting type and there are many deer hunting games such as Deer Drive.

Other Hunting Games

Many hunting games combine different species into one game, so you could be hunting deer one minute and duck the next.

There are also a lot of games where you can hunt a specific species such as duck hunting games, bear hunting games and turkey hunting games.

Of course you can play hunting games on your PC or console and not just in your web browser. If you're after something more realistic there are many PC hunting games as well as hunting games available for the popular video game consoles.

Video games tend to be a bit pricey these days but you can often download hunting game demos or trials. These will often let you play hunting games on your PC without buying the full game.

This can be useful if you don't have the cash to spend on a game but often the game will only let you play a particular level or limit the time you can play. It can still be a good way however to test out the game before you buy it.

Hunting games are, and will remain ever popular because they recreate the sense of excitement and adventure of real hunting. My favorite hunting game is a called Hunting Unlimited 4. It has a massive amount of hunting scenarios, weapons and species of animal.

I also love to play online hunting games many of which are free to play.

So it doesn't really matter if you are a hunter or not. Everyone young or old can enjoy playing hunting games and should give them a try!

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